BubbleBum LTD.
Iwould like to share a project I have been working on much of which was top secret due to some of the products not being released yet. BubbleBum LTD are local company who started out selling inflatable booster seats for kids. You may have seen Derry's own Grainne Kelly (BubbleBum founder) on Dragons Den. I built up a good relationship with the team at BubbleBum and after a few successful photography jobs I was hired to take on product photography for all BubbleBum packaging and marketing work. 
Photography work also turned in to some graphics work and design work and I was also asked to design the graphics and layout for BubbleBum latest product catalogue.  
The team are most welcoming and an absolute pleasure to work with. Grainne has a clear vision of how the products should look to the world as do the team and this made work very easy for me. Photoshoots ranged from lifestyle shots at the airport and local parks and schools, to green screen photography, and product shots in the studio. A really enjoyable project and thank you to Zara and Declan and the rest of the team. Check out BubbleBum's website here http://bubblebum.co.uk/ Seeing my work printed on products that ship internationally is a great feeling