Michelle & Ali - Bishop's Gate Hotel Derry - Wedding Photography

Michelle and Ali - What a fantastic couple. I would like to begin by thanking Michelle and Ali for inviting me to capture their wedding in the Bishop's Gate hotel in Derry. Michelle was given a recommendation by a friend to contact me to photograph her wedding back in 2016. We had pencilled in the date in the diary and I didn't meet Michelle and Ali till earlier this year. The happy couple got married in Cuba a few weeks prior to having their Derry version of the wedding on 4th August 2017. When I found out it was to take place in Bishop's Gate Hotel I was delighted as I have already photographed the interior and know the place really well.


It was clear from the outset that Michelle knew exactly the type of photographs she wanted. She gathered a collection of wedding photographs she found on the internet that she loved and asked was I able to shoot in a similar style. This was perfect for me as I love being creative with my photography and I did my very best to deliver the dream photos for Michelle. Michelle has gone on to leave me the most amazing review which can be seen on the homepage of my website.,

Thank you to again to Michelle and Ali and to all the staff at the Bishops Gate Hotel for being so accommodating.

A lot of photographers in Derry have the same thing going on. Bernard however, is in a whole league of his own. With his ability to mix a contemporary, modern style with vintage type photos, he created the perfect wedding photographs for me, photographs I could only ever have dreamed of. He has such a great eye for detail and is so particular, not stopping until he has the perfect shot. He is an absolute gentleman and such a professional, with the patience of a saint might I add, needed for any bride on her big day. I would highly recommend Bernard ward photography. My first choice for any professional photos. Such a talent. Thanks again for my dream photos Bernard. They are just perfect. Michelle + Ali

Bride and Groom