Street Photography - Life on the Underground.

Have you ever just sat back and watched life go by. The London underground is a fascinating place where you can switch off from reality and watch humans scramble to get from place to place. I often people watch for a long time before I start taking pictures. This helps me relax and become comfortable in my surroundings and this is very important for me when shooting street photography or documenting real life. My approach to photography is relaxed and non intrusive documenting moments in time as they happen naturally. People behave in strange ways when they are commuting. The London underground is famous for being a sombre place... a place where no eye contact is made and striking up a conversation with a stranger is almost frowned upon and it almost feels unusual and unnatural. I wanted to capture the different behaviours, expressions, stances, poses, body language and how people subconsciously interacted with each other as well as capturing the environment. I hope you enjoy the series of images.