Irish Street photography

Since the opening of our new studio and the birth of my beautiful daughter Maria as well as holding down a day job I have struggled to find the time to capture street scenes however this is something that I will of course re-visit. I want to share my story and some of my images from the past few years. I have a real love for photographing people in places. "Street photography" has become quite a popular genre of photography and has become somewhat of an ambiguous term these days that I tend not to pigeon hole my work anymore, however If these pictures are "Street Photography" to you thats fine. I have been in love with imagery, art, and technology for as long as I remember. In my early twenties I was involved in a digital media start up company developing concepts for games and other digital media. I began to learn photoshop and graphic design. I started being a “photographer” by accident when I won a camera in work and haven’t looked back since. I have a passion for landscapes, cityscapes and urban photography but overall I am a photographer and I take pictures every day of things that interest me. People fascinate me and I love to capture people in their natural environments.